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Our dream is to build a school in Aweil, South Sudan. After working there with MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières), we fell in love with the people, the community and especially the children. We’ve seen too many children not going to school, not having the possibility to go to school. And this we want to change. Every child should have the right to go to school

About us

Getting to work in Aweil, South Sudan, has been so much more than a job to us. We had the opportunity to get close to a whole community, talk to the people and truly be a part of it. With every story we got to hear, we got to reflect on our own. Being able to live this dream of ours, working for an NGO, reminded us the power of the most important privilege that got us here, Education. Education is a right, but it’s a right that too many children don’t have.

In Aweil, and South Sudan, education is only affordable and accessible for 30 % of the children. This means that 70 % of the children doesn’t have a school to go to, and most of these children are girls. Many children that we have had the opportunity to talk to live on the streets. They live on the streets because their parents aren’t able to provide for them, let alone pay for them to attend school. Other children have lost their parents, or they have run away from home. Some of the kids we met had to drop out of school after their caretakers passed away to take care of the rest of the family. Every child has a different story, a different background, a different dream, but one thing remained the same: they all wish to go to school.

This community has been so welcoming and generous to us while not having much. Therefore, finding a way to give back by creating this project and becoming the voices of these children seems only natural. As the famous song by John Lennon says, Imagine… Imagine a world where we believe in the most powerful resource the world has: Children. A dream always has a home to begin with, and Aweil is that place for us. It’s where we found our home, our hearts and our purpose. Let’s not rest until we do everything we can to make sure every child has the same opportunity, to pursue their dreams.

Jonna Bild, Pediatric Nurse.
Marion Fung Kwok Chine, Physiotherapist.

To help us, we have two beautiful souls that has become our dear friends. Both are working as midwives at Aweil State Hospital.

John Deng Kiir Deng and Akucpiir Benjamin Jok.


90 Account

We now have a 90 account. Read more about it on the following press release.


All of these children are living on the streets. They all have different dreams and hopes for the future, eventhough they have nothing they, still have faith. One dream they all share is that they want to go to school. These are some of all the children we want to help with our school.

Kuol, 7 years old

He wants to be a driver

Madhel, 7 years old

He dreams about becoming a doctor.

Geng, 7 years old

He wants to be a trader or a business man.

Mayom, 6 years old

His dream is to be a doctor.

Garang, 9 years old

He wants to be a mechanic.

Ker, 8 years old

He dreams about being a nurse.

Dut, 9 years old

He wants to become an electrician.

Aloung, 12 years old

He wish to be a mechanic.

Lual, 13 years old

He wants to become a nurse.

Akwol, 17 years old

She wants to become a teacher. She had to drop out of school when her mother died. Now she lives on the street with her baby,

Abuk, 13 years old

She wants to work for United Nations.

Attil, 15 years old

She wants to work for an NGO.

Our team & members


Jonna Bild


Pediatric Nurse


Marion Fung Kwok Chine



John Deng Kiir Deng



Akucpiir Benjamin Jok



Evelina Kraft-Bodi




Johannes Kraft Bodi



Madelene Fogelberg

Alternate member


Kevin Risse

Architect and Communication Manager

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The Aweil Dream

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If you wan't to help out in any way or would like more information. Feel free to contact us on our email.

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90 Account: 900-8772